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  • Hanke Purifying Equipment

    Hanke Purifying Equipment For Sabah HANKE is a compressed air treatment products manufacturer, supplying refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, air filters, filter elements, drains, after coolers, dryer parts and more. HANKE range of products are widely applied in industries such as textiles, chemical fiber, …

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  • Kobelco Air Compressors

    Kobelco Pneumatic Air Compressors KOBELCO is an award winning brand when it comes to small and large industry air compressors. Continuous research and development means Kobelco compressors are at the forefront of compressor technology and delivers energy savings. Kobelco Emeraude Series Kobelco Emeraude series Oil-Free …

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  • Festo Pneumatic Cylinder

    Festo Pneumatic Cylinder In Sabah FESTO pneumatic cylinders are manufactured to ISO 15552 standards. The modern design and construction saves up to 11% on space compared to ordinary standard cylinders, permitting a more compact system design. High quality product – Proven technology, compact, solid and …

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  • Festo Pneumatic Fittings And Couplings

    Festo Pneumatic Push-In Fitting FESTO pneumatic push-in in fittings or couplings offers a secure connection and right fitting for every connection. Festo temperature and chemical resistant pneumatic push-in fittings, simply plug in and start working. Festo QS-F Fitting The Festo Type QS-F temperature and chemical …

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  • Festo Pneumatic Valves

    Festo Pneumatic Valves In Sabah FESTO pneumatic valves are cost-effective and universal in its use. Individual sub-bases for single-step modularity. Flexible pressure supply and creation of different pressure zones. Low-cost individual sub-bases for general use, for expansion in single steps, valve by valve. Designed to …

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  • Festo Pneumatics Technology

    Festo Pneumatic Technology In Sabah FESTO pneumatic and electric drive technology is known for innovation and maximum productivity in industrial and process automation, from single products to the turnkey solutions. Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial …

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  • Friulair ACT Dryers

    Friulair ACT Dryers Series In Sabah FRIULAIR introduced its new ACT range (Aluminium Cooling Technologies) of compressed air dryers. This high efficiently cooling module reduces energy consumption and pressure drop. The main advantage of Friulair ACT Dryer series are: low pressure drop even with load …

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  • Kobelco Kobelion XG

    Kobelco Kobelion XG Oil-Flooded Screw Compressors In Sabah Kobelco Kobelion XG series Oil-Flooded Screw Compressors increases air flow capacity and also reduces energy efficiency. Slash energy consumption through all processes including intake, discharge, compression, and cooling. With increased reliability and easy maintenance, backed up energy …

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