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Friulair ACT Dryers

Friulair ACT Dryers Series In Sabah

FRIULAIR introduced its new ACT range (Aluminium Cooling Technologies) of compressed air dryers. This high efficiently cooling module reduces energy consumption and pressure drop.

The main advantage of Friulair ACT Dryer series are:

  • low pressure drop even with load variances
  • constant pressure DewPoint with differing load conditions

Friulair manufactures compressed air dryers and accessories to highest quality control standards. The components of the ACT series ranging from the refrigerant to materials used in its construction have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and their ability to be recycled.

Friulair ACT Dryers Series

Friulair ACT Dryer

Friulair ACT Dryer

Friulair brought the ACT Dryer series to higher safety levels meeting the demands for air treatment generated by both screw-type compressors and for models with piston compressors.

Friulair produces models with exceptional performances for the industries that have a primary need for compressed air.

Click here for Friulair ACT Dryers series specifications on Friulair manufacturer website.

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Details for Friulair ACT Dryers series, available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

ACT Dryer details

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The ACT Dryer series available in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is the Tropical Edition optimized for operations in our climate.

ACT 3 T ACT 23 T ACT 80 T ACT 210 T ACT 400 T ACT 900 T
ACT 5 T ACT 30 T ACT 100 T ACT 250 T ACT 500 T ACT 1100 T
ACT 8 T ACT 40 T ACT 120 T ACT 300 T ACT 600 T ACT 1200 T
ACT 12 T ACT 55 T ACT 140 T ACT 360 T ACT 720 T ACT 1500 T
ACT 18 T ACT 60 T ACT 180 T

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